Americans, food and olive oil

American culture pays increasing attention to food quality and a more healthy diet. In some States – such as California – the interest to high quality products and the habit of healthy behaviors are already widespread, but the trend is spreading in all the States. This approach involves extra virgin olive oil, increasingly used not only as a condiment for salads, vegetables and bruschetta but also as a viable alternative to cook in a healthy way.

Chefs and restaurants offer more and more frequently dishes prepared with extra virgin olive oil, while importers and food distributors are increasing their abilities to taste and select extra virgin oils. These behaviours are fundamental to reinforce extra virgin olive oil culture and to affirm extra virgin olive oil as a good, healthy and essential product in our everyday diet.

The links between Italy and the US have always been very strong, expecially those related to Italian cuisine and tradition. USA are the first country in the world for the importation of olive oil and in their restaurants is quite common – much more than here – the habit to serve few slices of bread accompanied by a cup of extra virgin olive oil. So – waiting for their dishes – customers can enjoy “pane e olio”!