The heart of the territory

Dealing with oil, for the past 110 years now, we cannot, in our work, deny our connection with the territory. Its true place of origin and foundation which, for obvious reasons, later becomes its chosen place, is highly important. Although the market takes us everywhere in the world, from continent to the continent, especially now in a global society – we the Santagata family, and at the same time as a company – feel strongly connected to where it all began. It’s a question of affection. We strongly believe in the fundamental values of family, territory and cultural identity, as well as in sharing these same values. Hence our commitment to the cultural front, not for reasons of aesthetics, which are also important in themselves, but from a strictly ethical point of view. Moreover, sharing our reference values is also a way to better ourselves and those who around us. This is why we have undertaken so many initiatives and will continue to do so because we believe they are essential.

This text is taken from chapter 2 of the book “An Olive Oil Family” written by Cristina and Federico Santagata, published by Olio Officina Edizioni.