The World Championship of Pesto

Genoa Pesto World Championship is an event related to the food and wine Italian scene, organized by the cultural association Palatifini, that takes place once every two years at Palazzo Ducale, historical and prestigious abode of the ancient Republic of Genoa.

The event engages thousands of people not only through the final challenge (100 competitors from all over the world, 30 judges, national and international journalists and bloggers) but through a chain of side events between the editions organized in Italy and abroad, as preliminary competitions, exhibitions, in-depth seminars on the food culture and various contests as cartoons, photography or design.




An interesting and complex event, aimed to a worldwide audience, because through Pesto we can spot history, arts and above all, the quality of life. There is a new model of economy and a hope for a brighter future. Pesto Championship supporters, as Frantoio di Portofino, share the high purpose of cultural endorsement and promotion of the good lore that influence our life.

The challenge was won by Italians but also foreigners. The last edition, last 16 of April, Alessandra Fasce, young assistant cook in a Fontanegli, typical hamlet of Genoa outskirt, was the winner. The championship had 22 competitors from out of Italy, the furthest was coming from New Zealand. But the true winner of the competition is Pesto, a healthy and natural sauce. And obviously the local quality ingredients as extra virgin olive oil.