From the heart of Ligurian Riviera, Frantoio Portofino offers different qualities of extra virgin olive oil, from PDO to Taggiasco, from Riserva to Selezione, with a collection of selected products and recipes prepared in the full respect of tradition.

Taggiasca olives, in brine and pitted in extra virgin olive oil. Simple and natural. Genovese pesto, masterpiece of the region’s gastronomy. Black and green olive pâté, Midnight Spaghetti sauce and tuna fillets in olive oil. Delicious and genuine recipes created by Frantoio Portofino to enhance the taste and the pleasures of the table.

Pesto Championship

Frantoio di Portofino is official supplier of Genoa Pesto World Championship, the international event that promote worldwide Genova and Liguria through their typical high quality products.

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Gastronomica Italia

Gatronomica is the net that associate top level food companies aimed to promote, on new markets, the excellence of ligurian tradition food products. Frantoio di Portofino – one of the founders of the net – offer the best olive oil.